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From 12 Angry Men to The Exonerated and Beyond

Current President of Center Stage Playhouse reflects on how he joined the troupe…

by Elliott Robinson…

My turn, I guess.

I am the current president of Center Stage Playhouse. I was first introduced to Center Stage through my good friend and colleague, Sydia Cedeño. She and I met in college and had an incredible ride at the theater department at Lehman College. She was directing a production of 12 Angry Men, and asked me to audition. I didn’t think I was right for any of the roles. But she pushed me to try out for Number 10, the bigot. I can say it was probably one of the most enriching and challenging roles I’ve ever played in my 30+ years in this business. The Center Stage experience was so professional, so collaborative. And, people, it was 12 Angry Men!

I’ve done a number of projects with CSP since then; nothing equaled 12AM until The Exonerated, where I played a death row inmate whose execution is reversed, but not before spending a significant amount of time in prison, and eventually coming to terms with it. What I’m trying to say is CSP, over the years, has offered opportunities to actors, such as myself, and has never settled for less than the best theatrical experience for their talent and the audience who comes out to see it.

Now, come on. I’m, not gonna say they haven’t missed a few times, who doesn’t? But overall, their mission has been to create an entertaining and fulfilling experience on both sides of the lights, performer and patron.


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