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A Note from the Director of STOP KISS

stopkissHello friends and family, 
I am REALLY hoping that you all will come and see Stop Kiss next weekend. I am directing for the first time in many years, but it is like riding a bike (with several other people). It is a truly brilliantly written piece, funny and beautiful and heartbreaking. I have done my best to see that my incredibly talented actors do the script justice, and I believe that we have succeeded- and we still have a week to go!

You will love the show, have a great night out, and support Center Stage Playhouse at the same time. What could be better? This is CSP’s first mainstage show in the Bronx since before Sandy, which destroyed the new space that we had been slated to use for the season. We are rising from the ashes just like so many others, and coming out to see this production is the perfect way to give us a hand up so that we can continue to grow and return to former glory.

Please spread the word via email, Facebook, whatever- help us get some butts in these seats! This is an important show, and the last thing I’ll be doing in the Bronx before I go back to Seattle. (PS, if you want to see me at the show, get tickets for the Friday night or Saturday matinee, because I have to go out of town for the rest of the run.)
See you at the Playhouse!  Visit for tickets!
Jen King

One comment on “A Note from the Director of STOP KISS

  1. Elliott Robinson
    July 12, 2013

    I had a similar experience with a loved one as the women in this play. The scene in the hospital. It is the reason why this play spoke to me, and I advocated for its production. Love transcends when we see the other at their best — it is proven when we stand by them at their worst. I hope lots of you will come and see this. You will be moved to laugh, to cry, and to think. You may even be motivated to act.
    Elliott Robinson
    Center Stage Playhouse

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