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Audition for a Reading of SAVAGE IN LIMBO

stagereadingAre you an actor in New York looking to be a part of a great stage reading (no set, no blocking, no props, just script in hand, bringing the words of the playwright to life with your fellow castmates in front of a live audience)? Center Stage Playhouse is producing a reading in the Bronx of “Savage in Limbo” by John Patrick Shanley, a Bronx-native who won the Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award, and Academy Award. The Auditions will be Monday, August 5, 2013, and Tuesday, August 6, 2013, at 7 p.m. each night at Bronx House, 990 Pelham Parkway South, Bronx, NY 10461. Sides from the script will be provided.

Here are the details. The performance for the script-in-hand stage reading, presented by Center Stage Playhouse, is scheduled at Bronx House on Saturday, August 24, 2013, at 2 p.m. The arresting and brilliantly inventive play moves from comedy to near tragedy as it explores the hopes and dreams of a group of rootless young “losers” who congregate in an anonymous Bronx bar, hoping to find respite from the drabness of their lives.

All roles are open — 3 women, 2 men, and a narrator. The breakdown in the script says all characters are 32 years old, but since this is a reading we welcome all ages to audition. Denise Savage is the lead, a virgin living with her mom, seeking some meaning in her life, lonesome but outspoken. Linda Rotunda is a voluptuous woman, has been with a lot of men but is distressed when her current boyfriend seems to have lost interest in her. Tony Aronica is a macho guy, never had trouble with the ladies but now is in a state of crisis and thinks the void in his soul can only be fill through “ugly girls.” Murk is a bartender, a man of few words, gruff but with a surprisingly tender side. April is another lost soul, a failed nun, forever at the bar in an alcohol-induced haze. All the characters are from the Bronx.

Please help us spread the word to any actors who might be interested.


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